Are you one of those Africans who are tired of how slow, cumbersome, and expensive the traditional money transfer system in Africa is? This new payment system that I am revealing to you today represents our way to freedom.

Today, I would like to introduce Mula Token, a cryptographic-based currency that aims to be the gateway to the next generation of borderless transactions in Africa.

So, here are 5 reasons why you should adopt Mula Token:

In a traditional banking system, when you want to send money from Ghana to the DR Congo for example:

The processing time takes between 3 to 5 working days (because it must go through a deposit bank, an intermediary bank, and then the destination bank), and then finally you can cash out.

That’s not all, the transaction fees are also high, between 3 to 8% of the amount.

As for Mula Token, these long and expensive processes are reduced to a simple and smart procedure. The ship sender from Ghana who wants to send the money to the DRC would this time login into his Mula finance App, with a few clicks, thanks to the “Smart Contract”, the recipient in the DRC takes possession of the money sent in less than 3 min.

We all know the headache when it comes to Forex conversion in Africa with almost 40 currencies in circulation for the whole continent.

Thanks to the Mula token, we have all the African currencies in one wallet. The Mula token is transferable between wallets. Also, wallet holders can convert the MULA token back into their currency or any other African currency through the app.

With a banking population of less than 10%, the continent has a huge opportunity to leverage the accessibility offered by crypto to materialize access to a decentralized ecosystem.

Therefore, with its ability to interface with mobile money wallets, thus leveraging the existing of the decentralized infrastructure of the agent network, which also ensures that the MULA token when converted into the country currency can be easily redeemed for cash by the participating agent or from any directly integrated mobile money wallet.

With its exponential worldwide adoption, Crypto growth in Africa is still very limited for many reasons like (countries regulation, KYC limitation, difficulty to make an online deposit to wallet …). Therefore, Mula Finance objective is to improve the reach by allowing remote areas to have access through telecom medium to be able to be part of the innovative world billion dollars economy pie.

Now you know why you shouldn’t miss out on the next generation of borderless transactions in Africa. Hope you make the right choice once it gets started. See you soon!


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The first African Based decentralized money transfer system that leverages the use of blockchain technology.

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Mula Finance

Mula Finance

The first African Based decentralized money transfer system that leverages the use of blockchain technology.

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